Real Estate Investment LLC Package

Chesspin Corporation offers a package for real estate investors. This package was created in conjunction with several commercial mortgage lenders to obtain the basic documents needed to prove registration of the LLC. This is NOT an exhaustive list of every document you will need and requirements vary from lender to lender. However, this is to cover the four documents you will need with regards to the LLC’s existence and proof it is in good standing.

This package is available for new LLC’s being registered in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania only. The package provides the following services:

  • Certificate of Formation (called a Certificate of Organization in Pennsylvania)
  • Certificate of Good Standings (called a Subsistence Certificate in Pennsylvania)
  • CP575 Letter from the IRS with your EIN Number
  • Operating Agreement Template (will need to be completed and signed by members)
  • 1 Hour Phone or Teams Client Consultation (No Legal or Tax Advice)

Chesspin’s fee for this package is $400. State fees and registered agent fees are additional (registered agent service included for Delaware).

Including estimated state fees, Delaware is $630. New Jersey is $580.50 without registered agent and $730.50 with registered agent. Pennsylvania is $565 without and $715 with. Registered agent service is renewed annually.

Information Required to File for LLC

  • Name, Address, Phone, Email of Applicant
  • Name, Address, Phone, Email of Members and or Managers
  • Name of LLC
  • Name and Address of Registered Agent (must be in same state, no PO Boxes, virtual offices, or mailbox services).
  • Address of the LLC’s Principal Business Location on day of formation (no PO Boxes, virtual offices, or mailbox services).
  • Mailing Address of LLC (if different)
  • Brief Statement of LLC’s Purpose
  • Pennsylvania Only: Name and Address of person responsible for initial tax reports
  • Start Date of the LLC
  • Expected Start Date of W-2 Employees (if applicable)
  • Name, Address, Phone, and Social Security Number of Responsible Party for EIN Application (DO NOT EMAIL SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER)