About Chesspin

Chesspin is last names of the founders put together (Bob CHESSick and Eric chaPIN). Chesspin started as two childhood friends deciding in a small town in rural Pennsylvania to buck the trend and start a business while in high school. The early days of Chesspin was a mishmash of two high schoolers doing what they could to earn money, but ultimately the business kicked into reality after graduation as it entered the dot.com boom. In a small town outside of Scranton, Chesspin was building websites and computers. But in an area where most people were stuck on dial-up and others had no interest in buying computers, it didn’t work out too well.

But one thing did raise eyebrows: Chesspin was incorporated in Delaware, not Pennsylvania. Going through college, with Bob at Penn State and Eric at Penn Tech, both students and professors alike wondered how we started a company in Delaware. The story was retold a million times before the lightbulb hit. In 2002, Bob took an internship opportunity with the Delaware Department of Transportation and moved to Delaware. This resulted in him transferring to University of Delaware and Eric moving to Delaware upon graduation. Chesspin slowly transformed into a company doing corporate filings in Delaware, and the business started to rapidly grow.

In the early 2000’s, Chesspin grew from a two-man business to a mutistate company. Offices were opened in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC in addition to the headquarters in New Castle Delaware to service the needs of the law firms we had as clients in those cities. We even had a Honolulu office! While the need to operate branch offices diminished as states embraced digital filings, Chesspin continued to expand its product offerings.

Today, Chesspin offers corporate filings and registered agent services nationwide through our network of partners and continues to service attorneys, accountants, and entrepreneurs alike.