Processing Times Extended in Many States

Nothing is more frustrating than unanticipated delays, especially when you are trying to start a new business. Unfortunately, a few factors are conspiring to drag on corporate filings beyond the normal time frames. Among them include:

  • Staffing shortages at state offices due to COVID-19.
  • State employees resigning or being fired for non-compliance with vaccine mandates.
  • Heavy volume of filings.
  • Documents being returned from the state with errors.
  • Weather closures.

In our home territory of the Mid-Atlantic region, backlogs of at least 2 months exist in Delaware and Pennsylvania for non-expedited filings. New York is reportedly almost 1 year behind for non-expedited. Pennsylvania took the extreme measure of limiting expedited transactions.

However, some states are moving swiftly. New Jersey and Virginia are issuing paperwork the same day. Florida is less than 1 week for hand-delivered filings. California is also moving at only a few business days.

Despite our best efforts, we’ve had numerous filings take several months whereas they were anticipated to take several days. This has resulted in angry clients, missed deadlines, and inability to complete deals. Unfortunately, these things do happen in the world of state offices. At the end of the day, we are the gas station owner with upset clients over the price of gas despite not having any control over the supply chain.

Bottom Line: You need to plan ahead an anticipate delays in processing times. We will work with you to complete your filing as fast as possible, but you should give yourself as much time as possible in advance.